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Golf Resorts Club South Africa – FAQ’S

Golf Resorts Club is an investment in a leisure lifestyle which provides members with holiday accommodation at exclusive golf and non-golf resorts, both locally and internationally

Due to the exclusivity of Golf Resorts Club, no Conventional Timeshare may be traded-in.

Yes. To become a member of Golf Resorts Club, you will have to purchase Units from us.

The increase or decrease in the purchase price of Units is determined by the Board of Trustees.

With Conventional Timeshare, an owner was restricted to one resort and period to holiday. The owners of Units have the flexibility to enjoy holidays at various golf estates and alternative holiday resorts during any period of the year.

Once the contents of the contract have been verified and the deposit is settled in full, the contract will be processed. Members may commence enjoying the benefits of their membership once the contract has been loaded and a membership number has been issued.

Once your Agreement has been processed, you will receive a Welcome Telephone Call and a Welcome Letter introducing you to the Club.

Your Agreement will be valid for life.

Using your Units, you have more flexibility as to when and where you wish to spend your holiday. Golf Resorts Club membership provides members with access to exclusive luxury golf estates and alternative resorts, both locally and internationally. As an added benefit, Golf Resorts Club offers members an in-house Travel Agency – which will be able to assist the member with all his/her travel arrangements.

We are convenienly located at The World of Golf in Woodmead – Corner Woodmead Drive and Maxwell Drive, Woodmead. Telephone number 011 656 4930 / 6. Email is

Upon entering into Agreement with Golf Resorts Club, you will receive a copy of your Agreement, a Resorts Accommodation Table, a Vacation Guide – reflecting the various estates to which you now have access to – and a DVD containing information of how to use your membership.

The membership will be registered in all the individuals’ names of the group. However, the Membership Certificate will only be in the first name on the Contract.

Members use Units as an exchange currency in order to secure a reservation

The number of Units you wish to purchase depends on your holiday requirements. Please communicate your requirements to the Marketing Representitive.